Weber County election results: Uintah sees highest turnout

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:00 PM

Mikayla Beyer

Weber County’s voter turnout may not have been as high in most cities as the turnout has been in the recent past, but the municipal primary set the stage for a tight general election in November.

The highest turnout was in Uintah, a city with fewer than 800 registered voters, a turnout of 33.7 percent. Lawrence Flitton, who will face off against incumbent Mayor Sue Bybee in November’s general municipal election after advancing in the primary, said that the numbers indicate he has achieved one of his objectives.

“That was my goal, to get more people out to vote. Maybe the issues that have come up brought people out,” Flitton said.

Another primary that may have seen recent issues having a particular relevance with voter is Roy’s mayoral race, in which Joshua Hoggan, who was arrested last year in a plot to bomb a high school, was voted out after carrying just 4.96 percent among three possible candidates. Hoggan says he will continue to pursue elected office in the future, despite how his past may affect voters’ perception of him.

“I’m still feeling hopeful for the future. I wish the best of luck to the other two candidates in the fall. I feel like this election cycle was a good opportunity to overcome my past. The criticism of my past does not bother me, but I am receptive to it,” Hoggan said.

Harrisville’s mayoral race has been narrowed down to City Councilmen Bruce Richins and Chad Allen. Allen has spoken about allowing more businesses in Harrisville, and Richins has run on a platform of balancing the budget for the city.

“The budget has to be balanced. It is a state law. We need to maintain services that the residents are used to enjoying,” Richins said.

West Haven also saw its mayoral primary narrowed down to two candidates, with one, current City Councilwoman Sharon Bolos, taking in over 50 percent of the vote.

“I was pleased when I heard the results. I was hoping for a wide margin. The next step will be making personal contacts. I have a lot of influential people in the community who have offered to help in the future,” Bolos said.

The results for all seven cities that help primaries in Weber County can be found at the county’s website. The general municipal election will be held in November.

Ogden’s voters have spoken: Marcia White and Stephen Thompson will face off in the November municipal election.

The municipal primary in Ogden narrowed down the candidacy for At-Large Seat A, with 5.2 percent of voters showing up at the polls. White came through with 51.94 percent of the vote, and Thompson took in 38.57 percent. Sheri Morreale was voted out of the run.

“It was a good victory. I worked hard and I hope that I go into the general election with some good energy,” White said.

The primary municipal election will take place in November.

North Ogden’s large field of candidates for two open city council seats has been narrowed down in a close municipal primary race.

Brian Russell, James Urry, Phillip Swanson, and Lynn Satterthwaite will now vie for those seats after a primary that saw just 8.3 percent of voters turn out to cast their ballots.

Steven Huntsman and David Gordon are now out of the race, which will culminate in the municipal general election in November, where North OGden will also vote on its mayor.

Primary election was canceled due to candidate withdrawal.

The Riverdale municipal primary, which was done via mail-in ballot, has narrowed down its candidates to four after an election that saw a high voter turnout.

Riverdale’s voting population of nearly 4,000 people had a turnout of 23.5 percent, the second-highest turnout in Weber County next to Uintah.

Brent Ellis, Gary Griffiths, Cody Hansen and Steve Hilton will compete for two city council seats in the general municipal election in November. The mayoral race, which did not have a primary, will also be concluded at that time.

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