Ogden PD, Weber State practice worst-case scenarios

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:21 PM

Nancy Van Valkenburg

OGDEN — A shrill alarm cut through the morning air. First responders from the Ogden Police Department evacuated the Hurst Center, at Weber State University, and began their methodical search for the reported gunman.

They didn’t find him, of course, as Thursday’s event was an emergency drill to help train responders from the Weber State Police Department and several other agencies.

Then a radio report, The pretend shooter was at University Village, and 30 or so students had fake injuries.

“In this line of work we have to train,” said John Harvey, Ogden Police deputy director of support services, “We need to test our skills and identify things we need to work on. I predict we will learn that something didn’t go the way we thought they would.”

Events continue throughout most of the morning at Weber State. Stay with www.standard.net for more to the story.

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