Utahns too cavalier about diminishing water

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:21 PM

Rebecca Rens


As I observe institutions of learning (Ogden High for one), businesses, and individuals watering grass in the middle of the day now, how effective is an article in the paper requesting people to voluntarily water every five days? (Aug. 16, “Pineview Water system: Cut water use by 50 percent——or else”). As dry as it is and as little water as the farmers and ranchers are getting, plus the use of water to put out forest/wildfires (also expensive fire retardant), why is there not a law enforced all over the state to keep people from wasting water on ornamental grass?

Perhaps with such a law, an individual could be given a warning the first time when in violation of the state wide hypothetical law. If that individual repeats, then that person should be fined. It is so dry that I have a nasty heat rash that has sent me to my clinic for special topical treatment and I wear an N-95 mask to protect my respiratory system from the smoke and ozone in the air at present. As I talk with friends, I am not the only one having health issues from the heat as well as from the fires.

Olene Walker spoke at a gathering of former Utah governors last year at Weber State University and she warned us that water would be a matter of the greatest concern in Utah. If so, why are so many Utahns so cavalier with the use of this ever diminishing resource?

For the love of the planet, please everyone, water from dusk ‘til dawn and every five days as suggested in the Standard Examiner article.

Rebecca J. Rens


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