TV Q&A: 'Graceland,' 'MasterChef,' 'Mr. Selfridge' and more

Aug 18 2013 - 10:08am


Daniel Sunjata plays Paul Briggs in USA’s police drama “Graceland.” (Jeff Daly/USA Network)
Daniel Sunjata plays Paul Briggs in USA’s police drama “Graceland.” (Jeff Daly/USA Network)

Q: I love the new summer show "Graceland." Even though it has only been on three or four times, it is a real mover!! The characters are decent (don't know them all yet), but I intend to stay with the show. Can you tell me how it does in the ratings, and do you foresee some episodes in the wintertime once its summer run is over?

A: USA will run "Graceland" straight through to a season finale on Sept. 12 with no plans for a winter run of episodes at this point.

Ratings-wise, "Graceland" got off to an OK start, with 3.3 million viewers, and in recent weeks its ratings have declined and then stabilized. We'll have to wait to see if the 2.7 million viewers it's averaging are enough to keep it around for another season.

Q: Has David Letterman started working only four nights per week, a la Johnny Carson? There seem to be repeats on Friday nights.

A: Letterman went to a four-day workweek in the summer several years ago.

Q: Why are they running two "MasterChef" episodes a night? Are they trying to burn this series off? That would be a shame -- I've come to enjoy it.

A: When a reality show works for a network, execs have a tendency to run it into the ground (see: "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" on ABC). Not only will "MasterChef" continue in its current pattern until September, but a spinoff, "Junior MasterChef," featuring kid contestants, will air on Fox this fall.

Per a Fox publicist: "The current season of 'MasterChef' will air all summer long into September. We recently announced that the season finale will air on Sept. 11. Additionally, we have already ordered two more seasons of 'MasterChef.' We are giving viewers more of what they want -- and that means more 'MasterChef.' "

Q: PBS ran a series called "Mr. Selfridge" on Sunday nights. It was about an American who owned a department store in London in 1909. When will the story continue? It was very interesting.

A: Another season is in production. I imagine it will air in 2014, but PBS's "Masterpiece" has not announced a premiere date.

Q: Why are "Elementary" and "Castle" not being released on Blu-ray? Is there a petition online somewhere to request these shows on Blu-ray?

A: CBS Video, which publishes "Elementary" on DVD, did not offer a response to the question. ABC Studios, which releases "Castle," said only, "For the viewers/fans of 'Castle,' we've found that offering DVD sets is the best way to go. There aren't plans for Blu-ray release of episodes at this time."

TV on DVD expert Gord Lacey, founder of the fantastically useful website, said, "Well, my guess is that the studios don't think there's enough market for them to be released. We've seen a number of high-profile shows that are released on Blu-ray for one season, but nothing else (because) that season didn't sell. The marketing people at the studios have likely run the numbers of similar shows to project sales, and used that to determine the shows just aren't going to sell well enough. Of course, they could be wrong, and we could see them released down the road, but I'm not counting on it."

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