Pleasant View road work completion date pushed back

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:18 PM

Terrie Stephenson

PLEASANT VIEW — With 600 West torn up and the reconstruction of the road usually known as Shady Lane well under way, City Engineer Brandon Jones said the project has run into some unexpected problems, and it will cost the city more thanexpected, to the tune of about $130,000.

“Three weeks ago, Staker and Parson contacted us, and they had started to excavate down to sub-grade materials that were soft and not really consistent with what was represented in the geotechnology report,” Jones said.

Originally, eight bore holes were done on the project to give a representational sample of what was under the road, he said.

“We found out the bore holes they took are not as representative as we had planned on,” said Jones. He said city crews have now bored more holes right in front of Shady Lane Park, and there is more good material there than they expected.

Jones said the geotechnology study assumed approximately 6,000 vehicles a day will be using the new road, with about 50 of those being heavy trucks.

To avoid additional excavation, it was determined best to raise the road grade with more material and asphalt, which would cost the city an additional $130,000.

The city could only bore into the asphalt areas at the time of the geotechnology study, because private property owners owned the other area at the time the boring was done.

“It’s like an MRI or X-ray — you can’t really see what’s in there until they go in and do surgery,” City Administrator Melinda Brimhall said.

Councilman Scott Boehme said the plan is to funnel heavy trucks down 600 West rather than have them use Pleasant View Drive as they have been.

The expected completion date for the project was Oct. 1, but Jones said delays have pushed the date back. The new completion date has not yet been determined.

Council members voted to approve $130,000 more for the road project.

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