Beauty-queen bomber illustrates societal erosion

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:17 PM

Karen Lish


Despicable and inexcusable are only two words that come to mind when describing Riverton beauty queen, Kendra Gitt (Aug. 10, “Miss Riverton charged with possessing bombs”). Miss Riverton gave up her crown after being accused of throwing bottle bombs filled with toilet bowl cleaner and shrapnel at people and property. Her attorney described this young person (I hesitate to use the word “lady”) and her three friends as honor students playing a prank and intending no harm. What were these kids thinking when they were committing felonies with no thought of repercussions? Attorney Wally Bugden said, “Kendra is a lovely person who became Miss Riverton and now it’s being held against her that she held that tile and that she did something that was foolish.”

If I retained an attorney that could not even quote proper English, I’d be concerned.

The erosion of society is quite apparent when we learn that our youth spend their free time doing things like this instead of trying to better themselves by succeeding in life and helping others. Her parents must be so proud.

Karen Lish


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