Questioning opponent's military service is wrong

Aug 21 2013 - 4:56pm


I am the son of a World War II veteran, and the spouse of a Gulf War veteran and I am offended by Mr. Bigler, a North Ogden city mayoral candidate (Aug. 21, "Emails show heated accusations"). 

Mr. Bigler's antics as a city councilman and his attempted character assassination of Mr. Taylor (fellow councilman and mayoral candidate) have taken North Ogden city politics to a new low. Mr. Taylor risked his life not once but twice (Iraq and Afghanistan) to defend our rights and freedoms and any respectful person would honor that service, not dismiss it as irrelevant.

Any political campaign will include disagreements over policy and most certainly should include the questioning of an opponent's vision for the future. Questioning the integrity of a political opponent's military service however, is just plain wrong, especially when its only purpose is to further your own political agenda.  

Mr. Bigler, the citizens of North Ogden city deserve better than that.

Daniel Wade

North Ogden

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