Our View: Have state regulate e-cigarettes

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:15 PM

Editorial Board

If e-cigarettes are going to be regulated, it should be done by the state and not in a piecemeal fashion by Utah cities or counties.

The Davis County health board has announced that it wants to take the lead in regulating e-cigarettes, according to Lewis Garrett, director of the county health department. The board approved having staff begin drafting e-cigarette regulations for consideration. However, Garrett added that any regulations are about a year away.

In that case, why not push the Utah Legislature to draft state regulations in 2014? Garrett wants to do that. To us, it makes more sense to have interested parties — working with state legislators — drafting regulations on e-cigarettes that can be applied to the entire state. If that occurs, there won’t be any possibilities of a specific Davis County regulation clashing with state regulations. And it bears noting, as Garrett did, that the Food and Drug Administration may offer federal regulatory proposals.

We appreciate the health department’s efforts. Davis County officials have done a good job researching the product, its dangers and distributors’ poor efforts to protect children from the product.

That research should be used to help craft good statewide regulations, rather than used to regulate only within the county.

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