Shut off sprinklers; lawns will come back in spring

Aug 22 2013 - 3:35pm


I believe, that the lack of cooperation from the public as to the need to cut back water usage falls largely at the feet of the water board. Much more needs to be done than simply an article in the paper. Many people don't take the paper so more effort needs to be taken to alert the public. People need to realize that their lawns will come back next spring. It would be fortuitous if all lawn sprinklers were turned off, then people simply water by hand plants that won't survive otherwise. The only exceptions I can see, are playing fields since a totally dry field would be dangerous for our players/kids. 

This year especially, I have really enjoyed our lush, green lawn as well as those around us, however, for the sake of being able to have water to drink, I can live with brown for a couple of months.

I shut off my sprinklers. How about you?

David Child



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