McNulty: Embrace the sights, sounds of high school football games

Aug 23 2013 - 3:22pm


Standard-Examiner file photo
Standard-Examiner file photo

Even in today's world filled with tomorrow's technology, at a time when the future seems to be arriving faster every day, high school football still offers a Rockwellian slice of Americana for those of us well past our senior proms.

The Friday night lights.

The blare of the bands.

The buzz of the crowds that gather at the local stadiums to celebrate a hometown happening that is as much about community pride and supporting our kids as it is about a football game.

Go to one of these games and embrace the pageantry, excitement and competition that accompanies these late-summer and autumn evenings of football.

It doesn't matter, really, if you're not the parent of a participant, or a family friend, or a graduate of one of the schools. Nor does it matter that you don't recognize any of the names on the field.

My guess is you will be glad you went, probably enough to want to go again.

You might even feel a twinge of nostalgia as your eyes and ears take in the sights and sounds, and your mind takes you back to the high school football games of your youth.

I do.

''There's a purity to high school athletics that I think appeals to people," said athletic director Tim Tharp of South Fork High School in Stuart, Fla. "And for $10 or $12, you and your wife can enjoy an evening's entertainment."

You might enjoy the experience so much that you actually become a fan and find yourself rooting for your local team.

So go. Have fun watching the local teams play football. Enjoy the marching and the music. Support the kids and show them you appreciate their hard work, talent and commitment.

It doesn't matter if you have no connection to any of the players or the teams or the schools now. Maybe, if you spend a Friday night under the lights, you'll make one.


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