Our View: Pineview needs better planning

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:14 PM

Editorial Board

Pineview Water Systems has presented an ultimatum to its customers — dry your lawns, or the water will be cut off. Pineview has also advised customers that the watering will be monitored, and there will be consequences. Water turned off for the remainder of the secondary watering season, with a $500 charge next year to get the service restored.

Pineview needs better planning. The organization — which consists of the Ogden River Water User Association, South Ogden Conservation District, and the Weber-Box Elder Conservation District — needs to get the facts out and argue why water use needs to be cut back dramatically. Scaring its users with threats of shutting off water and big fines is frankly, silly. These kind of threats won’t work, particularly when locals can see clear examples of excess water use that seem to occur annually.

We don’t doubt that the water supplies are low, and we urge Top of Utahns to be very frugal with their lawns. They don’t need more than one or two watering sessions a week in the summer. However, it is ridiculous for Pineview to suddenly declare that there is a crisis. The job of the organization is to have a solid, prepared plan in process in order to know what the needs are over the summer, get the word out on the plan, and do everything possible to meet the goals. Instead, water users received a crisis report from Pineview along with threats of shutoffs and large fines.

We have some questions. Did Pineview have a plan in place over the summer? Could this water-shortage problem have been avoided with some planning by the administrators? Who are the personnel at Pineview specifically tasked with making sure that the secondary water needs of customers are met through the season?

Pineview, as well as its customers, would benefit from the water organization having more effective communication skills.

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