All things considered, residents make N. Ogden great

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:58 PM

Bryan And Nicole Hepler, Contributed


Recent Standard Examiner articles about political behavior in North Ogden are not reflective of its residents. So, what is North Ogden? A great place to live! It is made up of many good people. Here are several examples of the type of people to be found in North Ogden.

Whether you are on a walk, driving, or out in your yard a friendly wave and a “hello” is common between neighbors, even if you don’t know their names.

Our son was hurt; a caring and attentive North Ogden resident went out of his way and sacrificed his personal time to seek medical attention for him.

Our sprinkler system broke in the middle of summer and a talented neighbor took the time to rearrange his plans and come to our aid. He rebuilt the pipes in order for a new pump to be installed.

Many people in our neighborhood gave of their time to assist with the safe arrival of our daughter. I was on bed rest and we had women come into our home to help take care of the house, food preparation, and our other children.

As a result of a ‘micro-burst’ a large tree fell down in our yard. Several men came to our rescue helping to clean up the wreckage late into the night.

A major wind storm hit the city several years ago and many trees needed to be cleaned up. It was wonderful to see many people from different faiths and different backgrounds working side by side in the clean up process.

North Ogden has beautiful parks, thanks to the city employees who take the time to do their job right.

Some time ago the Standard-Examiner reported rather harsh feelings between two North Ogden residents, yet when a trial came to one of the residents, the other was there to help.

Yes, I must admit that just like any other city, North Ogden’s residents are not perfect. But, we have witnessed the great citizens of North Ogden look past the imperfections and truly help in making life better for others.

Thank you North Ogden residents for your example.

Bryan and Nicole Hepler

North Ogden

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