'Closed Circuit' just another so-so film

Wednesday , August 28, 2013 - 12:01 AM

Jay Maidment

Eric Bana stars as Martin Rose in John Crowley's CLOSED CIRCUIT, a Focus Features release.

Steve Salles

For some reason, another mainstream movie is opening midweek in the nation’s theaters. It’s just a so-so film.

CLOSED CIRCUIT **1/2 (R) Language and brief violence. Former lovers, played by Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall, are thrown together as a co-counsel defense team in the trial of a terrorist bombing in downtown London.

The accused seems a bit too eager to structure his own defense, leading his lawyers to question the truth behind the horrific events that claimed 120 lives.

The British Intelligence Service also has its nose out of joint over the whole incident, but the big reveal, is revealed too early, the intricate plan to get a star witness into court is lame, and for two former lovers, a little rekindle wouldn’t have killed anybody — or would it have?

“Closedy Circuit” is a losedecent British courtroom drama, but it needed to pick up its game in other parts of the film.