Utahns tolerate enough moronic liquor laws

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:57 PM

Contributed, Michael Stoddard


Alas, once more, I’m obligated to reply to yet another asinine statement made by a Utah government official. This one by House Majority Leader Brad Dee (R-South Ogden) by stating he is totally unconcerned at the fact that “Utah ranks dead-last in wine-friendly states” (Aug. 25). And, he’s proud to be at the bottom. Proud! Amazing!

Isn’t it bad enough, Bradley, that some Utah citizens already tolerate enough moronic liquor laws and regulations? And, have you ever heard of consumer demand?

Also, as an admitted non-drinker all you life, I’m very curious as to how many other righteous regulations you have up your sleeve if you had the power? Howefully, you’ll simply stick to staying friendly to he grape.

Speaking of being proud, I’m certain you’re aware of Utah’s ranking in education, diversity, child abuse, crime, low wages, air pollution and the fact that the average American thinks of Utah and its religion as a joke! Are you also proud of that?

You also ‘quipped’: “California is the worst-managed state in the nation.” Perhaps? However, I lived there for 42 years and if a person wanted a glass of wine or cocktail, they didn’t feel like it was a state run by religion.

I would also like to add my voice to the idea of a lottery. Having spent the last weekend visiting family in Idaho, and stopping in Malad each way, I noticed eight to ten vehicles with Utah plates. I wonder if Brad Dee is also proud of the millions of Utah gambling dollars going out of this state each month?

I’m sure he wouldn’t stoop to buying a $2 ticket on a chance to win $788 million (or more)!

Michael Donovan Stoddard

North Ogden

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