3 teens charged in Orem 12-hour crime spree

Aug 29 2013 - 1:04pm



OREM -- Police say three Utah teenagers stole two cars and burglarized dozens more during a 12-hour crime spree in Orem.

Two 13-year-old boys from Orem and a 14-year-old boy from Eagle Mountain were arrested Tuesday morning and booked into juvenile detention, Orem police said.

The boys on Monday went through a mobile home park in Orem, searching through several unlocked cars and stealing items, Lt. Craig Martinez said.

The teenagers then stole a car with the keys left inside and drove it to Wal-Mart where they bought snacks, he said.

Martinez said the boys continued to drive around Orem, breaking into cars and stealing items. At some point, they left the radio on in their stolen car while they were away, and came back to find the car battery had died.

Martinez said they found another car with keys left inside, and stole that too, driving it around Orem and Provo Canyon to find a place to sleep.

The boys later drove to the Timpanogos Regional Hospital, where they burglarized more cars in the area, police said.

Officers arrested the teens soon after as they were running through neighborhood backyards near 900 North and 400 West.

The teenagers were booked into juvenile detention and face charges of auto theft, auto burglary, possession of stolen property, criminal mischief and credit card fraud charges.

Police have not released the boys' names.

The teenagers broke into more than 60 cars, all of which were unlocked, Martinez told the Daily Herald in Provo.

"I don't know how many warnings people need. This isn't Mayberry," Martinez told the newspaper. "We can't leave all our doors unlocked and pretend there is no crime, because that's just not the case."

Martinez said officers are trying to determine the owners of clothing, cellphones, sunglasses, knives and other stolen property they recovered.


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