legislators, leave e-cigs alone

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:26 PM

Contributed, S.H. Bixler

I would like to add my comments regarding “Our View” published in the paper on Aug 23 (“Have state regulate e-cigarettes”).

I have been to four medical specialists since January, 2013. As I went back to them a second time, each asked me if I had stopped smoking. I told them I had converted to e-cigarettes in May, and had not smoked a cigarette since then, All four of them said, “that’s great.” One even went so far as to add to a paper he had written some directions on, “I’m proud of you for stopping smoking.” These were all medical specialists!

I still remember 50 years ago my friends, in the back seat of a car, teaching me to inhale and we laughed at how I gagged, choked, and turned green as I tried to learn.

The young people today may start out with e-cigs to seem cool, but their peers who smoke are going to start calling them “wimps” or “sissies” because they aren’t smoking the real thing. Eventually, they will give in.

There is still nicotine in the e-cigs, but you can get them with high, medium, low, and 0, but the tar, most chemicals, secondhand smoke, smell, ashes, etc., are gone. I started out at medium nicotine, and the last I bought were low.

I know quite a few people who are using these to stop smoking. All have smoked for many years, and need a little help to stop. This is the first thing on the market that has enabled me to quit. I had a problem with how my hands had been involved and these give me those same movements. We are all adults and making them illegal in parks. cars, etc., is foolish. What looks like smoke is water vapor.

I strongly feel that more people are using them to stop smoking, then young people using them to start. I hope the Legislature will give us smokers, who are trying to quit, a little help by leaving e-cigs out of their discussions.

If medical specialists think it is great, isn’t it worth thinking about?

S.H. Bixler


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