lUANN drawings inappropriate

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:25 PM

Contributed, Susan Richards


During the last week of August, I was dismayed with the cartoon called LUANN by Greg Evans. Normally, before reading the front page, I enjoy reading the comics and then I dive into the news. Later, the paper is read by the rest of my family which includes adults, teens, and children.

Last week, when I opened the paper to read the comics, I was embarrassed and dismayed to see LUANN’S drawings. Then, they continued as a story for couple of more days. I can hide the paper from my family for only so long!

When I read the newspaper I realize that a lot of what I read will be informative and unfortunately sad at times. When I read the comics I hope they will be funny and not an embarrassment all of the time.

Susan Richards


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