Much hypocrisy in chemical weapons debate

Sep 4 2013 - 11:04am


John Kerry laid out the case for attacking Syrian Chemical Weapons sites.

Rep Lee Terry of Nebraska "My gut feeling is Syrian Chemical Weapons came from Saddam Hussein in Iraq." Directot of Nat Intel. James Clapper admitted 56 B-747 flights and truck convoys transferred these US Iran-Contra-era weapons to Syria just ahead of the 2002 invasion.

John Kerry said "We have high confidence the Syrian Government carried out the Chemical Weapons attack on Damascus Aug 21, 2013. "Rebels" posted photos of the attack on Aug 20, 2013.

On June 17, John was waiting on American President Lines-Russia(renamed Mol Comfort), with a crew of 26 Russians, carrying 50,000 tons of weapons headed for Syrian Rebels through Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Here is how Chemical Rockets are shipped

Here is the picture taken in Iraq in 2003 of body bagged skeletons dug up south of Baghdad; David Cameron and John Kerry are using this justify the 2013 war in Syria claiming they are from Houla, Syria

Here is John and Theresa Kerry having a cozy dinner with Bashar and Raisa al-Assad

Lawmakers will return from Recess on Sept 9 and vote on Military Authorization in time for 9/11. Might be nice if we had the truth by then.

David Cameron is lying just as much as his sock puppets John Kerry and Barack Obama; here is Scottish News reporting Britain has been arming Bashar al Assad with Nerve Agents for a year.

Here is CIA intern Anderson Cooper with CNN paid Actor "Syrian Danny" (Danny Abdul Dayem) setting up fake news to justify American intervention in Syria

Howard Ratcliffe


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