Swallow better be prosecuted

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:25 PM

Arnold Frecker, Contributed


If millions of dollars are to be allotted to prosecute Attorney General John Swallow by the state of Utah for lawyers to practice their vocation, then by golly, they had better prosecute. If the state of Utah, which is the people of this great state, are to put up the money for this stupid case to go to court, and then have Mr. Swallow walk free, we will have wasted millions of taxpayers’ dollars for nothing at all.

I propose that should Attorney General John Swallow walk free after the state of Utah spends all this money to prosecute, the following should then take place: I would expect the state of Utah to put up a million dollars for me to practice my vocation, which is golf. No, I am not a professional. In fact, I am retired. But I’d like to practice my vocation just as these attorneys do, and be paid for it, with no guarantee of positive results.

What I am saying here is I don’t want to pay for this ridiculous case. It should not go to court. If he is guilty, enforce a fine, put him out of office, whatever, but get it settled. It does not deserve a multi-million dollar court case to determine his fate. Just get it done.

Arnold Frecker


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