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Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:24 PM

Contributed, Melisa Hofer


Why does the Standard-Examiner Editorial Board give the Libertas Institute free publicity at every turn?

“Our View: Review police raids, Aug. 8, includes the following sentence: “A libertarian group, the Libertas Institute, and others, including the American Civil Liberties Union, will lobby for limits on police use of force....”

From Google, the Libertas Institute appears to be a Mormon Libertarian guy in Provo who blogs, while the ACLU of Utah website shows an active chapter of 2,500 members. The ACLU has an organized, nationwide effort to reduce the militarization of police forces and it’s a good bet they were defending individual rights long before Libertas. Why does Libertas get top billing?

“Our View: Medical marijuana as treatment,” Sept. 4, states: “The Libertas Institute, a libertarian organization, publicized the dilemma facing the May family in Pleasant Grove. Jennifer May’s son, 11, suffers from epilepsy.”

The only mentioned organization is Libertas. Really? Libertas has led the way for legalizing medical marijuana?

This is obvious and grossly inappropriate promotion of Libertas by the editorial board. It appears they fear to mention a “liberal” group in a positive light. Instead, they create an alternate reality where Utah is Libertarian (try patriarchal) and these issues are new and championed by “conservatives.” I guess this is the way Utahns reverse themselves without admitting any wrong thinking in the past.

Melissa Hofer


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