Owner questions St. George officer's dog-shooting

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:23 PM

The Associated Press

ST. GEORGE — The owner of a dog shot three times by a St. George policeman earlier this week says the officer’s actions were excessive.

Sherill Brinkerhoff says her 15-month-old Blue Heeler/Pit mix named Loki is expected to fully recover if he gets leg surgery. The family tells KUTV-TV they can’t afford the surgery and have surrendered Loki to the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab.

The confrontation happened Sunday morning after neighbors reported aggressive dogs running through the neighborhood.

Police say the officer who responded tried to find their owner when Loki charged him.

Authorities say the officer shot the dog once but it kept going after him, so he shot two more times.

Police Sgt. Sam Despain says the officer felt threatened and his agency believes the response was appropriate.

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