We separate ourselves by emotional half-truths

Sep 9 2013 - 4:20pm


The guest commentary viewpoints of Robert K. Wolthuis (Sept. 1, "America's direction still wrong"), Craig K. Rushforth and Vance C. Pace (Sept. 8, "Country's wrong direction not president's fault"), in reference to "America's direction," should be read and pondered by  those who care about the direction of our country. If you read and study the viewpoints of all three men, you should see that all three viewpoints represent exactly what is really wrong with the direction of this country.  

I don't have to give my opinion of Bengahazi, Obamacare, unemployment or financial inequality, or any other of the topics they wrote about.  All three men pulled bits of information that in part represented their emotional stance (propaganda?). Our country has faced and will face more hard times, and many more if we don't quit separating ourselves with emotional half-truths.  We also need to quit searching for the weaknesses and mistakes of those whose opinions may differ from ours. We should remember faith, honor, service, integrity, (do unto others?). 

I believe all three men may have these positive traits, but emotions like anger, jealousy, resentment and other negatives have blinded them from the positive. The majority of our politicians consider their elected positions as an occupation instead of temporary service. Term Limits would be the first major step in fixing what is wrong with America. The majority of local, state, and federal representatives that I personally asked the question, "would you support term limits," answered yes! Although I am sorry to say they also added, "but it will never happen."  Why should politicians vote themselves out of their occupations?  

Now, the good old boys will call me naive, uneducated, and inexperienced along with some other negatives. But, if the public considers both sides, they will see how that makes what I say seem realistic.  

We all need to remember, in the United States we are free, and so are those in the United States who disagree with us, we are in this together.

Dee J. Russell

North Ogden

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