life without children seems pointless

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:28 PM

Alfred S. Cordon, Contributed


I saw the front page of a popular magazine and it showed a couple lying on a beach in their bathing suits with the caption, “Is it selfish to not want children?”

I could not believe what was being said by people about living without being bothered with having children in their lives!

This is my answer to that statement:

Forty years ago when I was selling life and health insurance, I called on a gentlemen who wanted to by some insurance for when he would have to live in a care center. He and his wife were both retired from the U.S. Air Force. They had chosen to not have children. Well, his wife had passed away! He was living in a nice home with beautiful furniture and memorabilia collected from all over the world!

He told me his neighbor had lots of grandchildren who came to see him often. They would give him a big hug! He said, “I would give all that I have to be able to have a big hug from a grandchild!”

Man, that brought tears to my eyes. I thought about my wife and our six children (three boys and three girls), all happily married. We have 32 grandchildren and three are now married and we have two great-grandsons and a third is on the way and due in April. We believe in having lots of hugs!

I am the youngest of a family of 10 children. My father is the oldest of 11 grand children! My mother is number nine in a family of 13 children.

To even comprehend what life would be like to not have any children is a pointless thought. What is this life all about? To just be able to go on vacations without children?

Lucifer’s plan is to destroy the family. One sure way to do that is have couples decide not to have children.

Alfred S. Cordon


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