Herbert wants to tweak school grading system

Sep 12 2013 - 11:00am


Utah Gov. Gary Herbert
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert

SALT LAKE CITY -- Gov. Gary Herbert says he's working with state lawmakers to change Utah's controversial new school grading system.

Herbert didn't explain specifics of the potential tweaks in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, but said grades should give insight into how schools can improve.

The Utah State Office of Education revealed A-F grades for the state's public schools last week.

The report showed 11 percent of the 855 schools earned an "A," and 45 percent earned a "B." Another 40 percent earned a "C" or "D," and 4 percent earned an "F."

The state Legislature passed the school grading bill in 2011 and made changes during this year's session.

Critics say the new system is a flawed measurement that is only measures the wealth or poverty in a community.


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