Police: Gun used in Brigham City murder-suicide borrowed from friend

Sep 12 2013 - 6:10pm

BRIGHAM CITY -- Police have discovered the origin of the gun they believe a Brigham City man used to kill his stepdaughter and then himself.

Michael Woodruff apparently had borrowed the weapon from a personal friend with whom he frequently went target shooting.

Woodruff's wife didn't know if he owned a gun, and neighbors had not known him to be the gun-owning type. Police began tracing the gun to find out if it was his weapon or someone else's.

Michael Woodruff, 44, and his stepdaughter, Alix Norman, 16, were found dead in their home at 549 N. 100 East. In an apparent murder-suicide, Brigham City police said, Woodruff shot Norman before turning the gun on himself. The family dog was also found shot dead.

The incident has left friends and family shocked and puzzled as to what drove Woodruff to do this. People who knew the family say he and his stepdaughter got along great.

Woodruff's friend came forward to police and said the gun was his, Brigham City Police Lt. Mike Nelsen said.

The man was very distraught and alarmed at what Woodruff did with his weapon, Nelson said.

According to the unnamed friend, Woodruff would regularly borrow the .40-caliber handgun to go shooting, by himself or with friends.

He borrowed the gun the morning of the incident, but his friend saw no indication that Woodruff was violent or angry, Nelsen said. He told him he was going to use it for target practice.

Investigators still have no leads as to Woodruff's motivation in the shootings.

The community and family are left with questions that may never be answered.

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