Roy council irked: No sidewalk repair list

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:32 PM

Rachel Trotter, Standard-Examiner Correspondent

ROY — The city will spend $77,000 for 6,000 square feet of new sidewalk this fall and next spring – but the council wants an organized plan of where the installations will be. Apparently there’s no master priority list, as some people thought.

Public Works Director Ross Lunceford said the city always tries to go where the greatest need is based on residents’ requests, but there is no set list or order as to when sidewalk will be put in various spots.

Several city council members would like to see that changed. Councilman Brad Hilton said he understood that there was a list. Councilman Michael Stokes agreed and said he often tells residents that there is a list when they ask when their sidewalk will be prepared.

Lunceford said he had always heard there was a list as well, but has never seen one or was never given one when he took over as public works director a few years ago. “I know years before we had one, but I’ve never seen a list,” Lunceford told the council. “We take calls and go out and look at places and some places there isn’t a problem. We mostly base it on safety.”

The council asked Lunceford to compile a list and council members offered to help. Councilman Willard Cragun said he often receives calls from people wanting their sidewalk repaired. Other council members agreed and said when they tell people there is a list, they would like for there to really be one. “I can take you around and show you a lot of places,” Cragun said.

“People have waited years and years because they think they are on a list and there is no list,” Councilman Dave Tafoya said.

Stokes suggested it be done similarly to how the streets are evaluated for repair. Lunceford said the streets are rated and that it would work to do something similar for sidewalks. Stokes suggested that when people call, they can be put on a priority list, at least for checking out the problem.

Tafoya suggested the department pour some sidewalks now to get the ball rolling with the funds that have been allocated and that possibly by spring have some sort of list to work from.

The council also wanted to make sure that curbs and gutters were compliant with disability laws as they are being re-poured. Lunceford said that has been one of the priorities – to pour new sidewalks in places that are not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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