Felter should be N. Ogden's public works director

Sep 16 2013 - 2:37pm


In North Ogden, we are on the verge of some big changes in our city. If you are not aware, Mel Blanchard, our public works director is retiring the end of September.  We have been so fortunate to have such a fine individual as Mel looking out for and working for us in North Ogden. The job was posted and several have applied.   

Scott Felter "Tiny," who has been with North Ogden Public Works for 32 years has applied for the job. Scott has done more for our city than I can even begin to share. He has earned the job. Unfortunately it looks as if the job will go to someone else who has less experience. Not only is he less experienced, he will be paid more than what Scott was willing to take. This is a travesty.  

Scott's signature is on every corner of our city. His qualifications are so vast, you would have to be "super human" to be more qualified than Scott.

Scott lives among us. He grew up in North Ogden and chose to raise his family here.  He drives our streets 7 days a week.  He knows the infrastructure of our city and what makes it function better than anyone.  We can't afford to lose him. I fear he will retire or move on once this is announced. It has been made clear to him that it is expected that he will train the new director. Does that make any sense?

The announcement will be made Tuesday Sept. 24th in the city council meeting.  

Please, give this some thought. If we lose both Mel and Scott, we are in trouble. Consider emailing the mayor and the city council. Ask them to hold off on the announcement. This decision should have been left to the new administration. Scott Felter embodies all of the qualities that any of us would want to work for, work with and have working for us. He has earned the job of public works director and he deserves the job. To hire someone else when we have such a valuable asset in Scott does not make sense. 

Julie Brown


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