Janice and Jack Smith

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:35 PM


Jack and Janice Smith celebratedtheir 60th wedding anniversarywith a dinner and familyreunion on Sept. 5.

High school sweethearts atMalad High School in Malad, Idaho,they were married on Sept. 5,1935, in Malad. Shortly after theirwedding, they moved to Ogden,where they have spent the last 60years. Both are retired from HillAir Force Base after many yearsof employment. He has sincebeen employed by the Barn GolfCourse in Pleasant View.

They have been active in TheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints and have held manycallings. They have also beeninvolved in the sponsorship ofmany Laotian families and haveremained close friends withmany Laotian people throughoutthe Ogden area.

He enjoys golf and attendingsporting events, and she is involvedwith acts of daily serviceto others. Both enjoy spendingtime with family and friends.

Their children and spousesare Kirk and Cheryl Smith,Farr West; Patrick and ChristineSmith, Bentonville, Ark.; andJennifer and Thavone Thongrit,Harrisville. They have 10 grandchildrenand three great-grandchildrenwith another one on theway.

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