Walter Parrish

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:35 PM


Walter F.Parrish ofLayton celebratedhis99th birthdaywith hisfriends andfamily onSept. 11.

He wasborn on Sept.11, 1914, inKaysville toWarren Asa and Wilmetta FormanParrish. He had six brothers(all deceased); his sister,June Smith, is 93.

Raised in Davis County, hegraduated from Davis HighSchool and attended WeberState University.

He recently rode on a floatfor the Davis school’s 100-yearcentennial. He plans to ride inDavis High School’s homecomingparade in September.

He married Pearl Wright onSept. 19, 1936. They were marriedfor 73 years. She died July13, 2009. He and his wife enjoyedmany years at their winterhome in Overton, Nev.

He worked at the Salt LakeArmy Depot. He retired fromHill Air Force Base in 1972, after32 years of service.

His four children and theirspouses are Walter W. and HazelParrish, Brent and JeanineParrish, Joan and Noal Johnston,and Robert and MaddyParrish.

He enjoys reading, writingfamily history, and spendingtime with his grandchildrenand great-grandchildren. Hehas seven grandchildren and 14

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