Advertising coming to Davis District school buses

Sep 23 2013 - 3:48pm


School bus
School bus

FARMINGTON -- Those big yellow school buses driving through Davis County neighborhoods with ads plastered on the sides may create a much-needed boost in district transportation revenues.

Davis School District officials, two years after discussing the concept of selling ad space on the side of its buses, have rolled out the idea.

"We put out a request for proposal about a year ago," said Brian Larsen, Davis School Transportation Director.

The district is hoping to earn about $200,000 in ad revenues in its first full year of placing advertising on its buses, Larsen said.

The Davis School District is the second district in the state to take advantage of the program.

The Board of Education approved Alpha Media for its new endeavor into bus advertising, according to an email sent to the Standard-Examiner by Shauna Lund, who is with the district's Community Relations office.

The district will receive 63 percent of the revenue generated from the advertising, Lund said.

The board of education approved the company to sell the advertising during its May 21 meeting, Lund said.

Those ads appearing on the bus are to be age appropriate, Larsen said.

"Nothing that is going to offend people," he said.

It is anticipated that ads will begin appearing on the buses as early as the next two or three weeks, said Michael Beauchamp, president and CEO of Alpha Media located in Dallas.

The state of Utah prohibits certain advertising on the buses, such as cigarettes, alcohol or political ads, with local district officials having final approval over any ad, Beauchamp told the Standard-Examiner.

"What we have projected for them is more than $1 million in ad revenue over a four year period," Beauchamp said. The district will determine where that money goes, he said.

Larsen said the ad revenues will help cover transportation costs, which are funded by the state at a 65 percent level. These ad monies will be used to help close the gap between what it cost to operate the program and what funding it receives from the state for the program.

The Davis School District has 209 school buses that run throughout the week, Larsen said.

More than 66,000 students attend the district, making it one of the larger school districts in the country.

The district was established in 1911.


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