Reader grateful for column about ridiculous team 'holy war'

Sep 23 2013 - 4:13pm


Regarding Jim Burton's "Extra Point" column of Sept. 22, "Don't be a jerk over rivalry game," I can't even begin to thank him enough for his statements. He couldn't have said it better, that the ridiculous nonsense over who wins a game needs to stop. I couldn't be more appalled by the immature fans who threw garbage at the refs, and the mean words that have been said on social media, and through words. 

I agree, the so called "holy war" can bring people together for a fun time. Many students of Weber High School gathered together as friends to watch the game, and it had a positive affect on my friends. The ridiculousness over this game needs to end, and people need to realize it is just a game.

Rachael Munford

North Ogden


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