Some drivers ignore emergency vehicles

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:41 PM

Jason Olney


I agree with the Sept. 18 letter, “Flashing lights near firehouses needed.” I have seen too many times when fire engines or paramedics try to leave the firehouses for emergencies. They activate their lights and then their sirens, and oftentimes, the traffic flow does not stop. Why? Are motorists too much in a rush to stop and yield to the emergency vehicle?

I often see police vehicles and ambulances that turn on their lights and sirens to signal motorists that they have the right-of-way to respond to an emergency, and traffic still chooses to ignore them. Are sirens not loud enough, or are motorists so consumed by their own worries to care that when those lights go on, someone else is in some kind of distress and/or danger and requires help immediately?

I’ve also witnessed on many occasions when emergency vehicles are responding to an emergency, that they will be approaching an intersection and just as they do, some motorist chooses to drive straight through the intersection, as if they’re more important (even after the intersection has been cleared)! This must stop! I am sure those who do this would not be happy if they or one of their own were in distress and did not receive the medical help they needed because emergency services got slowed, stopped or involved in an accident of their own——all because someone could not wait!

Finally, please ensure that if you’re driving, pull over and let an emergency vehicle pass! I’ve been in situations in which I could see an emergency vehicle coming from behind or ahead of me, and I could not pull over to yield because other cars around me would not do so themselves.

Jason Olney


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