Farr West 'wish list' may include splash pad, pickleball courts

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:47 PM

Standard-Examiner Correspondent, Terrie Stephenson

FARR WEST — The city council and mayor are creating a wish list for the city, which they hope includes a splash pad and pickleball courts, according to councilwoman Ava Painter.

Painter is taking the lead in developing the list, along with the assistance of attorney Bill Morris, who was recently hired by the city to help pull in grant money for future projects.

One of those projects is a park, located on land being donated to the city by Bert Smith. The 27 acres is near Smith and Edwards and has a worth of $1.2 million, according to Mayor Lee Dickemore.

The property is being tentatively called North Park, and though the land is being donated the improvements to the property will come with a cost.

Morris informed the city know they need to be applying for these grants. He also said that a lot of people think grants are just free money, but in fact they always come with stipulations and strings attached. The city needs to step up to the plate on meeting the qualifications so they can receive more grant funds.

Morris said that starts with a well-planned and detailed capital improvement plan. Painter calls that plan the city’s wish list.

Morris will charge the city either $90 an hour for his service or 10 percent of the grant funds received.

Resident and former planning commissioner Lou Best recently pointed out to the council that they have missed many opportunities to receive grant funds over the past five years. He said he’d like to see that change.

Painter said she has been meeting with Morris and Mayor Lee Dickemore to set goals for future grant applications and projects for the capital improvement list.

“I have my marching orders, I am to start working on an overall wish list,” said Painter, “We need to list everything we want with a description and cost.”

Painter said there are plans to submit a RAMP grant application for some of the projects and said she welcomes ideas from the council, planning commission and residents as to what should be included in the wish list.

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