Utah inmate found dead in cell was murdered

Sep 29 2013 - 5:02pm

GUNNISON -- Authorities believe a man found dead in his prison cell didn't commit suicide, but was killed by his cellmate.

Rolando Cardona-Gueton, 62, was discovered dead on April 20 in the prison in Gunnison. Sanpete County Attorney Brody Keisel says it looked at first as if he had hanged himself.

But now prosecutors believe he was murdered.

Steven Crutcher, 32, was charged this week with aggravated murder. Prosecutors say he killed Cardona-Gueton with a bedsheet that was torn into strips and braided together.

Crutcher is in prison on kidnapping charges. Cardona-Gueton has been in prison since 2011 on theft and drug distribution charges.

Keisel says the two had only been cellmates for a few days. He declined to discuss the motive.

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