Consider ballot initiatives carefully

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:47 PM

Contributed, Lynn J. Wood


I recently attended a seminar in which a top economic person for Utah referred to California as the PRC (Peoples Republic of California). Government by initiative has done great harm to California. Zero manufacturing relocated their 400 jobs from Burbank to North Salt Lake several years ago because of a new clean water and air initiatives. This initiative went well beyond federal EPA rules and sent a number of companies like Zero scurrying to other states like Utah. The proponents of the initiative failed to connect the dots and advise voters of possible downsides.

In 1992 the citizens of Ogden voted to change the form of government to a mayor-council format. In 1991 the total expenditures for mayor and council were $123,326. In 1994 they totaled $722,988. We have paid a “gazillion” dollars over twenty years as a result of this initiative. Today Ogden spends $841 per capita and Layton spends $474 per capita.

The question is: Do you want a democracy (in which everyone participates in every decision) or a republic (where we elect people to study the issues on our behalf and make intelligent informed decisions)? In other words, do you like the Utah model or the California model?

So if you live in Kaysville or other locations where initiatives are on the ballot, don’t drink the Kool Aid. Changing a policy or style is really easy. Simply throw the incumbents out of office and vote in the people that will support your culture.

Lynn J. Wood


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