Fall Golf: Sshh! Don't Tell Anyone

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:48 PM

Brady Bingham, Standard-Examiner Staff

It’s one of the best-kept secrets in Northern Utah.

There is no better time of year to get out there and play golf than in the fall.


Three good reasons: The weather is good, the foliage is beautiful, and the crowds are low.

“I think the fall in Northern Utah is the best time to play golf,” said Jared Barnes, head golf professional at Glen Eagle golf course in Syracuse.

Barnes said that in his more than two decades in golf, he has never quite understood why more people don’t play during the months of September, October and November.

“Usually we come out in the spring and it tends to be cold and wet and windy, but golfers are eager coming out of the winter,” Barnes said. “Then in the summer, it gets really hot, and crowded.

“But in the fall, it really is ideal. September and October are great times to play golf. The temperatures are mild and nice, right around 70 degrees. The golf courses are in perfect shape. It’s just a perfect time to play golf.”

Barnes also remarked on how golf courses are much less crowded during the fall.

“As a pro, it’s a little frustrating. It just really dies down in the fall,” Barnes said. “It will be a perfect day out there, and there will be nobody out there.

“There are so many factors: football is starting, there is hunting, school is back in, and people are tired from playing all summer. But I’m telling you, fall is the best time to play.”

It’s not uncommon in Utah to be playing golf into mid- to late-November. And as the temperatures begin to chill, the trees and shrubs change colors, providing spectacular scenes and vistas.

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Here is a list of all the great places to play in Northern Utah:

• Ben Lomond – 801-782-7754

• Birch Creek – 435-563-6825

• Bountiful Ridge – 801-298-6040

• Crane Field Golf Course – 801-779-3800

• Davis Park – 801-544-0401

• Eagle Lake – 801-825-3467

• Eagle Mountain – 435-723-3212

• Eaglewood – 801-299-0088

• El Monte – 801-629-0694

• Glen Eagle – 801-773-4653

• Green Spring – 435-673-7888

• HAFB Hubbard Golf Course – 801-777-3272

• Lakeside – 801-295-1019

• Logan Golf and CountryClub – 435-753-6050

• Logan River – 435-750-0123

• Mt. Ogden – 801-629-0699

• Mulligan’s / Toad’s – 801-392-4653

• Oakridge Country Club –801-295-5531

• Ogden Golf and Country Club – 801-621-2063

• Remuda – 801-731-7200

• Round Valley – 801-829-3796

• Schneiter’s Bluff –801-773-0731

• Schneiter’s Riverside – 801-399-4636

• Skyway – 435-257-5706

• Sun Hills – 801-771-4814

• Swan Lakes – 801-546-1045

• The Barn – 801-782-7320

• Valley View – 801-546-1630

• Wolf Creek – 801-745-3365

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