Inexpensive outdoor activities

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:55 PM

Loretta Park, Standard-Examiner Staff

Most outdoor sports do not require a lot of money.

Sarah Follett, a health teacher at West Point Junior High School and mother of seven, said anything a person can do with their family and get outside is good.

One of the games her children like to play is dodgeball and in all different variations. The game requires only a ball or two or more, which cost a few dollars.

And then there is “ultimate Frisbee,” which is similar to touch football, but uses a Frisbee, she said.

Games of tag using flashlights are also a big hit with her children and their friends, Follett said.

But as the weather gets colder, Follett said, her children look to do things like building snowmen, snow forts and sledding, which also do not require a lot of funds or traveling to another location.

With the cooler temperatures coming, it is also a good time to go geocaching, said Weber State University Professor Cass Morgan, with the Department of Health Promotion and Human Performances.

“It’s a good thing to do and most people can use their smartphones because there is an app for that,” Morgan said.

Besides badminton, croquet and volleyball, there is a variety of other outdoor sports that are inexpensive, Morgan said.

Morgan said many rules for inexpensive outdoor games can be found online. And if a person is looking for the equipment, they can either find it online or make their own.

“Molkky,” a Finnish throwing game is becoming popular across the country, Morgan said. Players throw a baton at pins with numbers on them and the first player to score 50 exactly wins.

Cornhole, which is a game throwing beanbags, is also gaining popularity, Morgan said. It is similar to horseshoes.

Morgan and Follett both said it is just important to get outside and do something.

“Research has show there is great value to being outside,” Morgan said. “It just improves your overall health and well-being.”

Other outdoor inexpensive games include:

• Bocci

• Disc Frisbee golf

• Giant Jenga

• Volleyball

• Rock hopping

• Hide and seek

• Hopscotch

• Jump rope

• Foursquare

• Tag

• Tether ball

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