legislation 'rushed through' circumvents Constitution

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:55 PM

Contributed, Robert Ratcliffe


Our nation today has become riddled with double standards. Our national leaders and their families are protected by armed guard 24/7, yet an alarming number of them think that anti-gun legislation and gun-free zones are the best ways to keep the rest of us safe. Also, if the Affordable Healthcare Act is such a wonderful thing for the people of America, why are said leaders and families exempt from it rather than first in line?

These sorts of things have happened all throughout history to many nations, and they’ve spelled trouble for just about every nation that encountered these events at some point or another. Our Founding Fathers gave us our Constitution to address these and other issues of the like.

The Founding Fathers weren’t perfect, but they weren’t fools either. That’s why it’s possible to change the Constitution with a two-thirds national or congressional super-majority vote if the Constitution is indeed outdated or otherwise needs change. To attempt any other change to the laws, powers, and rights set forth by the Constitution, such as legislation hidden in four-figure page bills rushed through in very little time or executive order, is an outright circumvention of the Constitution. It at the very least shows contempt for those that have fought, and continue to fight, for our Constitution.

Not only that, it is also tyrannical. Since it violates the oath of office, in which all of our leaders have sworn to protect this Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, it is treason.

If holding our leaders accountable for the oath they have sworn offends you, I’ll help you pack.

Robert Ratcliffe


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