Syracuse player, coach displayed exceptional integrity

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:54 PM

Contributed, Todd Erickson


With all the scandals and troubles we read about in high school sports, I want to publicize a positive story. Yesterday, I witnessed something I will probably

never forget. I am a parent of a young lady who plays volleyball for Weber High School. Weber’s team was playing Syracuse’s team at Syracuse high school on Oct. 1. Both teams have great young ladies on the team and they have about equal talent.

What I will remember is not who won, or any certain kill, save or block. I remember the courage and integrity of one young lady and coach on the Syracuse varsity team. Syracuse had won the first two games and game three was close. A Syracuse win would end the match. Weber was up 24 to 22 and Weber spiked the ball and it landed outside the back line. The referees gave the point to Syracuse. The Weber fans and coach insisted there was a tip by a Syracuse player, but the referee’s disagreed.

This is where I was impressed with the girls. One young lady (I wish I knew her name) came forward and admitted she had touched the ball. The Syracuse coach twice walked onto the court signaling to the referee’s there had indeed been a touch. The referee’s seemed perplexed as to what to do. (This type of thing does not happen too often)After a pause, the referee reversed the call, gave Weber the point which gave Weber the win for game 3. (Weber fans gave the Syracuse team a well deserved standing ovation).

Sadly for Syracuse, Weber came back and won game 4 and gave 5 (both by 2 points). It was a very close contest. It was exciting for Weber and disappointing for Syracuse. What I will remember is not who won (although, I was proud of the way Weber battled back). I will remember the integrity and courage of a young lady (and her teammates) along with a coach who obviously puts developing young women above winning. It was impressive.

Neither team will seriously challenge for a region championship this year, but I am so impressed by the quality of the individuals. In my mind both teams are winners.

Todd Erickson

Pleasant View

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