Demand that Congress end the furlough

Oct 4 2013 - 2:47pm


I'm writing to explain to those who saw the rally at the Federal Building in Ogden on Thursday, Oct. 3, and were maybe just a little confused about our actions and the reason for them, we are federal employees from Hill Air Force Base and the IRS. We held signs stating that "We want to work" and to "End the government shutdown and furlough."  This was to send a message to Congress to do the job they were elected to do and pass a balanced budget so we can do our jobs.  We are not on strike!  We are furloughed!   

They forced us out of our jobs.  They are being paid while we are not.  We just want to do our jobs and be able to support our families.  Please, contact your Congressmen and demand that they end the furlough.

Sharon McCaslin


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