Herbert, Reynolds offered 'wacky right-wing rantings'

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:51 PM

Larry Bennington


Two things. Herbert, our cowardly governor, got his face in the paper again today (Oct. 4, “Herbert: Utah could lose $1B in tourism funds,”) along with Reynolds, the prophet and seer of the Top of Utah (Oct. 4, “Trying to find reason in an unreasonable world”).

Herbert, in response to the Republican created shutdown, which they cruelly call a slimdown, took credit for saving the Utah WIC program for women with infants and children. He said he infused the program with $2.4 million in emergency funds. What he didn’t tell us is that it’s federal money.

Then, while pointing the finger at President Obama for not “leading” in the shutdown fiasco, Herbert would not assign any blame to the actual self-proclaimed leaders of the impasse, Sen. Ted “Don Quixote” Cruz, R-Texas, and his sidekick, our own Sen. Mike “Sancho Panza” Lee, R-Utah. (Look it up. The literary profiles match these two perfectly. I believe I am the first to report this comparison.)

Now to Reynolds. I wrote in response to his commentary before, that it should be printed in the Saturday religious section. Ditto here. Why do we have to be preached to by this man? And insulted. In the first paragraph he warns the “un-believers” that maybe they should look away and turn to the “entertainment section” or, for some others, their “religious section,” the sports page. Reynolds is condescending.

I’ve always thought that Reynold’s picture looks as though he is looking down on us peons, unbelievers, liberals and low-lives. Now I know it’s true.

In the past, I’ve simply poked fun at Reynolds for his wacky right-wing rantings. Now I’ve come to see the real John; a pious, hypocritical, uninformed, self-absorbed old man trying to weasel his way into heaven by lifting himself up over the rest of us.

On a different subject: Why, if a bear threatens campers, do we reach for the tranquilizer gun, but if a man threatens himself, we reach for the M4?

Larry Bennington


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