Kaysville's Prop 5 needs to be supported

Oct 4 2013 - 5:13pm


Reference the Oct. 2 letter to the editor, "Consider ballot initiatives carefully," concerning Kaysville's Prop 5, which forbids the city council and mayor from using electric funds for non-related expenditures. At this point in time, Kaysville city has used almost $25,000,000 in electric funds on purchases which were for "other than support of the electric fund." The findings of the state auditor, dated Sept. 25, 2013, stated that "Fees charged for specific purpose represent implied agreement with the rate payers and should be used only for activities related to that purposes. If an activity does not directly relate to the business of the underlying enterprise fund, then it should be considered a de facto transfer."

What that means is that all property and/or other expenditures made by not only the current city council and mayor, but all of the city councils and mayors since 1980, was breaking the law. We have tied to get honest people elected to the city council, and it seems like every time we get one on the council, they fall in lock-step with the city manager and financial officer.

This is the reason why we want Prop 5 appproved and all citizens of Kaysville should vote for the proposition. This will break 33 year of Kaysville city's breaking the law.

I urge all citizens of Kaysville to get registered to vote and vote for Prop 5 and only those people running for office who support Prop 5. That is why we should not vote for the current mayor, Gil Miller and Jared Taylor. The incumbents have compounded the laws that were broken and contained in the auditor's report.

Roger Butterfield


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