Not everyone can have a spouse, children

Oct 7 2013 - 3:11pm


In writing this letter, I wish to address the very undeserved elitist extremists on both sides of the child vs. childless debate. In doing so, if I trouble both sides of the issue, I have done my job (Sept. 19 letter, "Life without children seems pointless," and Oct. 6 letter, "Childless reader pays taxes for big families").

For the record, I do believe that marriage, childbearing, and rearing are important, even though, for reasons mostly out of my control, I do not have a wife and kids at this time. Unfortunately, those who think that childbearing is all there is to life sometimes fail to acknowledge the feelings of those of us who, like myself, would literally give everything we have (a million times over) for a loving spouse and/or children of our own, but, for one reason or another, can't. We don't need any help in feeling lacking, and although many of us have such feelings from time to time, we don't deserve them.

As for myself, I am trying to do the best and be grateful with what has been allotted to me in life and am working on that standard. Yet, those who think children are nothing but a pain are free to make their own choices. They need, however, to remember that all of us were once whiny children and someone else has had to change our poopy diapers. Also, if they think that poopy diapers were all their parents and/or other caregivers had to deal with from them, they are sorely mistaken. Fetuses and embryos are not parasites, but organisms with the potential to grow up and be great adult human beings.

In closing, I will repeat something stated in an earlier letter, but repeat it with more force: Just because something is or is not important to you does not mean that it should or should not be important to someone else.

 David Robert Boyce


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