Royal Eccles worked hard, accomplished much

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:58 PM

Contributed, Alex McDonald


Last week I was dismayed to read that Royal Eccles was being let go as the manager of Ogden’s Hinckley Airport. I have known Royal for over 20 years and in our conversations I know he loves Ogden and wants to see our city thrive. To that end, he put his heart and soul into the airport and getting Allegiant Airlines here.

He also worked hard to make sure that federal authorities understood how important this airport is when they were looking at closing a number of smaller towers throughout the Unites States. He secures funding for improving the infrastructure of the airport and securing $1 million in federal assistance after the 10,000 customer threshold was reached.

I have no opinion of John Greiner and his qualifications or lack there of for this position. I do know Royal Eccles has worked extremely hard at this position.

Reading this news can only make me wonder what sort of politics are involved when someone works so hard, accomplishes so much, and then gets dumped. Something seems just a little fishy.

Sorry to see this happen Royal as you are a true Ogden visionary.

Alex McDonald


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