Some allegations in audit require Kaysville's correction

Oct 11 2013 - 4:43pm


I was shocked to read the article of Sept. 27, "Audit finds flawed bookkeeping."  This is the most outrageous twisting of facts I have seen in a long time. The auditor's report did not say that the accusations were "unsubstantiated."  No, what the reports says is "some of the allegations were unsubstantiated; however, some resulted in identified areas which require correction." The auditor went on to say, "Our procedures were more limited than would be necessary to express an opinion on any of the items referred to above or to express an opinion on the effectiveness of the City's internal control or any part thereof... Had we performed additional procedures or had we made an audit of the effectiveness of the city's internal control, other matters might have come to our attention" (emphasis added).  

What we need is a complete audit. I am sure someone will ask for one.

If the mayor thinks that the accusations are unsubstantiated, then we need to get a mayor that can recognize when the city is in error and when it is correct.  Obviously, Mayor Hiatt is not going to do anything; he does not understand there is a problem here. Also, when John Thacker says "we were told we shouldn't use power funds to pay for street lighting. It should be an interesting situation as we budget."  What kind of a reply is that?  

I know that Layton city, Farmington, and a whole bunch of cities can budget for it. Why can't Kaysville budget for it?  Kaysville city must not know how much money is spent on electricity to run the city. It is time they found out! 

Carole Walker


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