Freeway next to Syracuse Arts Academy is a bad idea

Oct 14 2013 - 5:02pm


I would like to tell you why putting a freeway next Syracuse Arts Academy in Syracuse, Utah, is not a good idea.

I think that we might not be able to concentrate on our work, with the increase of cars driving by our school. When we go outside it will be nosier and make it harder for us to breathe because the pollution will get worse. Children, like my sister who has respiratory problems, will be more limited with their activity. I feel bad already that she is limited as to when she can go outside, and with the road, she will never get to go outside for recess or PE. This makes me very sad. 

Also, if we can't cross the street at bluff to walk home safely the crossing guard will lose her job.  

It might make people late for work and they would lose their jobs. The families who live on the road of the freeway will lose their houses. I feel sorry for them because they will have to move or live on the street but I do not want them to live on the street because they might get hit by a car. We might not be able to have a trail anymore and my family will not be able to ride/run to our grandma's house anymore. People that run, walk, and bike, might not be able to do it anymore and they might not be able to get their exercises in. They will have to go to the gym. Many people get picked up at the trail, like my cousins, friends, etc. It might make people late for fun activities like Scouts, church and other after school activities, due to the increase of traffic the freeway will bring into our town.

Traiven Remley


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