Spendthrift Senate shoots everything down

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 2:03 PM

David Wakefield


Regarding Mr. Wadman’s commentary on Oct. 14, “How Utah’s congressional delegation got Hillary elected president,” why is it the extreme right’s fault for the shutdown and Hillary’s certain election? As I recall, as of October 14, the House has sent ten (10) funding bills to the Senate. The far-left controlled, spendthrift Senate has shot nine down. As of the time, the fate of the tenth was not decided.

The government would be open if the hardliners of the Senate and the one in the Oval Office would be willing to negotiate. Instead they just run to their allies in the media and spout off incendiary remarks by claiming the Republican controlled House members are equivalent to suicide bombers, hostage takers and mass shooters. They use phrases like, “If the House would send us a clean bill...” which means “Give us everything we want. You’ll get nothing and by damn, you’ll like it! We will not negotiate!” Senator Reid, the president and those who follow their lead are responsible for the shutdown. Their intransigence demonstrates that they are no better than a group of schoolgirls who want everything their way and when things don’t go their way they resort to name-calling. The president once said that in negotiations, people can’t have everything they want. Instead, he throws a tantrum by taking his toys home, so nobody else can play (shutdown). The Republicans have tried to negotiate. It is time for Reid and Obama to give a little now? Maybe the president wants to be king. If so, he’s in the wrong country.

Does anyone know what a community organizer does? They’re nothing more than rabble rousers. They create division, strife and contention as the means to get their political agenda completed. The president is very good at his old job.

As far has Hillary becoming president goes, I’m sure she’ll be elected. Not because of the Tea Party, but because Americans proved in the last election that they want freebies more than freedom. Left-wingers will want to make history, again, by electing another “first” to our highest office.

Daavid Wakefield


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