Legalizing marijuana may save money, help stop violence

Oct 15 2013 - 3:38pm


A long time ago the media came out with a commercial about some kids buying marijuana and in turn, the money ended up in terrorist hands. The message that the commercial sends is that if you buy marijuana you are funding terroristic activities. This message was government funded. Another message that was funded by the government was "Hemp For Victory" in the world war II era. What is so significant and utterly different about this message is that is said to buy hemp because it would save the American economy and further the American's advance in the war. This was because hemp used to be America's biggest profit and they knew that it would help them fund the war.

I have an idea and a great one at that. Why not, instead of having marijuana an illegal street drug that funds terroristic activities, have it become a recreation and legal drug with taxation so that it may fund American activities? Not only will it give America a huge profit, it will cut off the so-called "funding to terrorist activities."

Another major issue with marijuana concerns the Mexican drug cartels and violent border wars. The largest source of income for these cartels is marijuana and it has been so for many years; in fact, for so long that they have become comfortable with their marijuana trade. They become extremely defensive through means of violence when the government intervenes. 

America could seriously cut their costs on battling drug trafficking and the violence involved with it by legalizing marijuana and taxing all sales of marijuana. The cartels would be shocked at the sudden loss of income and not be able to fund their side of the border war, in turn giving America more resources to fight against the more severe drug trafficking problems in America. It would also bring in consistent income to fight the nation's debt.

Lorin Gunderson




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