Billions in government funds wasted

Oct 16 2013 - 2:55pm


Government continues to hold the economy of this country hostage stating there's not enough money to pay our bills unless we get more, more, money. 

First cuts are to Social Security, veteran benefits, and Medicare; essentials.

Meanwhile, $18 billion of government funded, Congressionally unchallenged waste, is listed in Senator Tom Coburn's "Wastebook 2012 Report". "How many of our friends, families and neighbors could be fed with the nearly $1 million the government spent taste testing foods to be served on the planet Mars?  How many nutritious school lunches could have been served with the $2 million in financial assistance provided to cupcake specialty shops?"  

American taxpayers need to enlighten themselves before we accept one more "government shutdown" scare. Do sports fans realize that the NFL, NHL, PGA etc., are tax exempt status robbing us of $91 million in tax revenue? When threatened with losing funding to bury our war hero's, know that the USDA spent more than $300,000 telling Americans to eat caviar, paid roughly $1.4 million to 2,000 dead people for food stamps, and paid duplicate benefits to 7,236 people.  It's time to arm ourselves with the facts, and find our voices!

Dolores Czeszel

Plain city


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