‘Law of the land’

Oct 18 2013 - 1:22pm

We've heard this phrase repeated often the past couple of weeks usually in reference to Obamacare. We're urged to support this horrendous law because it passed Congress. True enough, but people are concerned for two reasons; the way it passed and the overreaching of government it represents.

There have been in the history of this country certain laws that were indeed the "law of  the land" but this didn't make them right. For instance, it was the law that women and blacks could not vote, prohibition was the law, the voting age used to be 21 in most states. These laws were all changed because they were wrong. The 17th Amendment changed the way our U.S. senators are elected. We have a valid process for changing law.

The skullduggery that accompanied passage of Obamacare was abhorrent to put it mildly. "Hapless" Harry Reid and "Cheerleader" Nancy Pelosi joined forces to pass a bill that had to "pass before we'd know what was in it." Old-timers will recall the warning; "don't buy a pig in a poke," a warning that applies in this case; only a liberal progressive would think otherwise.

Sure, Washington plays politics with legislation and it is said that lawmaking is like sausage-making; you don't necessarily want to know the process or ingredients of either one. The new administration had control of both houses of Congress and the White House, yet to pass the health care law it became necessary to coerce, cajole and bribe a few "Blue Dog Democrats" to get their vote, which says a lot about the law's validity. 

It's no wonder that senators like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are fighting the law; it simply is not what the people want, expect, or deserve. A further indictment of the law is the broken promises that were made; claims that it will lower your insurance costs; if you like your present insurance you can keep it, and so on. What the proponents didn't factor in is the unintended consequences of the law which will force businesses to reduce employee hours and to drop insurance coverage leaving the employee out in the cold.

In 2008, we elected a former community organizer with scant real world experience as president of the most powerful nation on earth. He offered himself as someone who would bring the country together in common purpose. Instead we now have a president who acts more like a community organizer who uses tactics to divide us. He employs methods that might work on the "mean streets of Chicago" but are ineffective, divisive and un-presidential.

While the courage of those who seek to defund Obamacare is to be admired, the reality is that it may be wiser to allow the law to self-destruct. Proponents count heavily on the younger generation to enroll in a government-run plan and pay higher premiums to offset the cost for the elderly. This risk has the potential to derail the whole plan. 

People are very concerned that the IRS will play such a pivotal role in enforcement, and that so much of our personal information will now be in the hands of the government. 

We should all be very skeptical of Obamacare. Tea partiers, Lee, and Cruz are taking a tremendous amount of heat for their stand on health care. It takes great fortitude to stand for what you believe and in the end they just may be the ones who have taken the right stand, if not the right tactic.

Reynolds lives in Pleasant View.

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